The EU revises its PRF Directive: MedCruise shapes its content & invites cruise ports to share their views

The EU revises its PRF Directive: MedCruise shapes its content & invites cruise ports to share their views - Κεντρική Εικόνα

MedCruise attended the Sixth Meeting of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum’s  Sub-group on Port Reception Facilities, held on October 4, in Brussels, Belgium that discussed the objectives of the revision of the EU 2000/59/EC PRF Directive as these have been defined. The Association represented by Mrs Valeria Mangiarotti, assigned member for environmental issues, Port of Cagliari.

The members of the PRF-ESSF sub-group were updated by DG MOVE on the PRF revision: the Impact Assessment (IA) and IA support study (Ecorys/COWI) as long as the Common Monitoring and Information System.​

It also discussed the guidelines and technical recommendations developed by EMSA on the set of interpretative guidelines providing clarification of certain key concepts. 

Participants also updated on the EMSA Study on the Management of Ship-Generated Waste On-board Ships.​

The Directive has recently been evaluated. The objective of the evaluation is a comprehensive overview of the functioning of the Directive and an assessment of effectiveness and efficiency. The evaluation should point out problem areas, which could be addressed in a possible review of the Directive to improve and simplify the legislative framework and reduce regulatory costs.​

The Commission has launched an Impact Assessment to address the need for a legislative revision of the Directive regarding the more fundamental issues and current inconsistencies.​​

In this context, relevant stakeholders are invited to share their views on the impacts of the various possible measures considered for the revision by filling a questionnaire.

The overall objective of the Directive on port reception facilities is to "reduce the discharges of ship-generated wastes and cargo residues into the sea, especially illegal discharges, from ships using ports in the Community, by improving the availability and use of port reception facilities.

The specific policy objectives of the revision of the EU Directive 2000/59/EC PRF are:

 To ensure the availability of adequate facilities 
 To provide effective (cost) incentives to deliver waste at port reception facilities 
​ To remove barriers to effective and efficient enforcement 
 To harmonise and update definitions and forms 
 To clarify the rules for exemptions

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