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Cruise to Palermo ! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise tο Palermo !

Palermo shines in the center of the Gulf bearing its name, a city with a rich past and which in ancient times was the melting pot of European and Arab civilizations, testimonials of which still abound. The province is full of attractions. Numerous tourists are attracted to the city for its good Mediterranean weather, its renowned gastronomy and restaurants, its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings, and its nightlife and music. Palermo has a large architectural heritage and is notable for its many Norman buildings. Indeed, one of the most interesting itinerary includes a visit to the major sites related to the Norman period, one of the most significant historical and rich history of our city, whose sites have recently been included in the UNESCO heritage. Palermo for years is trying to be reborn under the banner of culture: the signals coming from the world of culture suggest a period of positive change and in 2018 the city will be the italian capital of culture.

The main sights? First of all the Cathedral, characterized by the presence of different architectural styles, due to a long history of additions, alterations and restorations, the last of which occurred in the 18th century. The Palatine Chapel is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily situated in the Royal Palace: its mosaics are famous for subtle modulations of color and luminance. The Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, commonly called the Martorana, overlooking the renowned piazza Bellini and nearly annexed to the San Cataldo Church, is part of the italo-albanian catholic church, with byzantine-greek rite of Piana degli Albanesi. St. John of the Hermits, after the islamic conquest of Sicily, was converted into a mosque but it was returned to the christians by Roger II of Sicily. The Zisa is a castle in the western part of Palermo, clearly inspired by Moorish architecture. The name Zisa itself derives from the Arab term al-Aziz, meaning “noble”, “glorious”, “magnificent”. The construction was begun in the 12th century by arabian craftsmen for king William of Sicily, and completed by his son William II. The edifice had been conceived as summer residence for the Norman kings, as a part of the large hunting resort known as Genoard, “paradise on earth”, that include also the Cuba Sottana, the Cuba Soprana and the Uscibene Palace.

Must see tourist attractions
  • Cathedral
  • The Palatine Chapel
  • The Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio
  • The church of San Cataldo
  • St. John of the Hermits
  • The Zisa


Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth
Cruise port ramp: no limit
Total length: no limit
Pier depth alongside: 12 mtr
Total number of quays: 9
Total length of quays: 2.760 mtr
Quays depth: 8/12
Passenger terminals: 1
Available: YES
Ship tender allowed: YES
Tugs available: YES
Tidal movement/range: 0,3 mtr
City center: 500 mtr
Airport: 45 min. by bus, 25 km
Free shuttle service to city: no
Total cruise passengers 2016: 510.078
Total cruise calls 2016: 174
Turnaround port? Yes


Port Contact details

Main Contact
Daniela Mezzatesta
Promotion and Communication Manager


Mailing Address
Port of Palermo
Via Piano dell’Ucciardone, 4
90139 Palermo, Italy


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