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Cruise to Valletta ! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise tο Valletta !

The port of Valletta in Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean. It is flanked by Sicily, 60 miles to the north, and north Africa, 120 miles to the south. Its central location makes it an ideal port for east and west Mediterranean cruise itineraries. The port of Valletta is the gateway to Malta’s rich historical and cultural experience. The award-winning Valletta Cruise Port is situated in a natural deep water harbour, with ease of access to all sized ships, all year round. The quays in the port of Valletta are all ISPS compliant and can handle the larger cruise vessels. There are three passenger facilities, with the main terminal located in the historic Magazino Hall.

Cruise lines benefit from a 24/7 support services including bunkering, ship chandelling and shiprepair. In terms of facilities and passenger support services, the country enjoys an excellent reputation for its accommodation facilities, multilingual guides and tourism activities, as well as wide-ranging multimodal transport services. Malta’s diminutive size makes all attractions within close proximity. One finds the oldest temples in the world, UNESCO heritage sites and a vibrant Mediterranean lifestyle. All these factors combine to render a call in Malta a memorable experience.

Valletta Cruise Port, the private cruise and ferry terminal operator works jointly with other stakeholders to facilitate the stay of cruise vessels and guests in the port of Valletta: Transport Malta, the port authority; Malta Tourism Authority; Malta International Airport, ship agents and others. Those arriving by sea, pass through the historical Valletta Waterfront. A walk to the Baroque city of Valletta will only take 15 minutes. For passengers arriving and departing by air, Malta’s International Airport is located 15 minutes away from the Port of Valletta.

The island of Gozo offers a different experience to mainland Malta. This tiny island boasts a laid back lifestyle and its eco-friendliness attracts the most discerning worldwide travellers. Expanding the itinerary to include the sister island of Gozo creates a ‘2 for 1’ bonus, ideal for overnight stays, with no additional port charges and fuel savings.

Must see tourist attractions
• Valletta Waterfront
• Grandmaster’s Palace, Valletta
• St John’s Co Cathedral, Valletta
• Mdina (Malta’s old capital city)
• Neolithic Temples


Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth
Length: 360mtr
Width: 35mtr
Draught: 13.7mtr
Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Tugs available: yes
Tidal movement/range: 0.5mtr max
Total number of quays: 6
Total length of quays: Pinto 1/2: 307mtr,
Pinto 3: 171mtr, Pinto 4/5: 301mtr, Gun
Wharf: 80mtr, Wine Wharf: 73mtr, Boiler
Wharf: 383mtr
Quay depth: 11mtr
Passenger terminals: 3
City centre: 1.5km
Airport: 7km
Total cruise passengers 2016: 682,970
Total cruise calls 2016: 317
Turnaround port? yes


Port Contact details

Main Contact
Stephen Xuereb
Chief Executive Officer
Valletta Cruise Port
+356 2567 3000
Mailing Address
Valletta Cruise Port
Vault 1 Upper Floor
Pinto Wharf, Floriana FRN 1913

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