Cruise to Odessa !

Cruise to Odessa ! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise tο Odessa !

Odessa is a major port and resort on the Black Sea coast. It is an amazing and diverse city. It's like a separate country with its own way of life.

Its appearance, citizens, their own language, and their only inherent mentality makes this city truly unique.

Odessa passenger terminal is ideally located in the centre of the city close to the most important tourist sights.

Numerous landmarks, a mild climate, an abundance of entertainment, suitable connections to the airport (8km), railway station (3km) and bus station (5km) attract tourists from every corner of the world.

One of the symbols of Odessa, made famous in S. Eisenstein’s film ‘The Battleship Potemkin’ are the Potemkin Stairs. The top step is 12.5mtr wide, and the lowest step is 21.7mtr wide giving the illusion of greater length. A person looking down the stairs sees only the landings whilst a person looking up sees only steps.

The architectural style of Odessa is unique. The whole central part of the city is an architectural reserve, where the streets are the blend of Gothic and Classicism, Empire style and the Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau. Odessa is a ‘world capital of humour and laughter’. It is here, nowhere else in the world on April Fools’ Day since 1973 citizens and numerous guests of the city participate in the theatrical procession in the city streets and squares, effervescent humour festival Humorina.

Odessa passenger terminal can simultaneously accommodate five vessels. The terminal includes a concert and exhibition hall, yacht marina, centre of underwater activity, Maritime Art gallery, Anchor Museum and St. Nicholas’ church.

Odessa is worth to travel to:

• for favorite dishes, gastronomic innovations and new tastes
• for fun and adventure
• for musical experience
• for jokes, laughter and good humor

For a proper meeting with the Pearl of Ukraine we invite you to visit Odessa and hope it will leave a lasting impression and a desire to visit again.

Must see tourist attractions
• Odessa Opera House
• Deribasovskaya Street
• Potemkin Stairs, with the famous monument to the Duke de Richelieu
• More than 100 museums and galleries
• Catacombs - a section of three-levelled tunnels, 2,500km long, dating back to XIX-XX centuries


Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth
Length: 330mtr
Width: 33mtr
Draught: 11.5mtr
Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Tugs available: yes
Total number of quays: 5
Total length of quays: 1,370mtr
Quay depth: 9.5-11.5mtr
Passenger terminals: 1
City centre: 300-400mtr
Airport: 8km
Free shuttle service to city: it’s walking distance; available upon request
Total cruise passengers 2016: 1,242
Total cruise calls 2016: 5
Turnaround port? Νo


Port Contact details

Main Contact
Elvira Leschinskaya
External Relations & Tourist Services
Mailing Address
Odessa Port Authority
1, Tamozhennaya Square
65026 Odessa, Ukraine

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