Skills and career development in the blue economy in the centre of experts group discussion

Skills and career development in the blue economy in the centre of experts group discussion - Κεντρική Εικόνα

MedCruise actively contributed at experts group meeting on “Skills and Career Development in the Blue Economy” that was organised by European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE), in Brussels on the 16-17 January 2018.

Working in three different themes Industry-Education Cooperation, Ocean Literacy and Lifelong Learning, Mobility, Education programs  the 25 experts, covering different economic sectors of the blue economy from various EU member states, advanced the discussions on the blueprint for skills cooperation on maritime technology, the skills panorama and the preparation of its second phase. In the centre of discussions were also the second phase of the EU Atlas of the Seas , the European Parliament's pilot project on ocean literacy, and the direct management budget for educational & mobility programmes.

The structural basis of the discussions and the work of the experts group are collected good practices on industry-education cooperation, ocean literacy and lifelong learning, mobility and education in the blue economy.

MedCruise commits to continue providing to all policy makers first hand insights into skills and careers prospects that are present in the provision of port and related services to cruise lines and passengers – so that cruise activities will be among the key options to increase the number of people who might be interested in a blue economy job.

MedCruise will also continue to advance its work internally as well as in partnership with cruise lines and other stakeholders in addressing any skills gaps and related challenges for the cruise sector – with the key of these efforts being the MedCruise professional development programme and the Travel Agent Programme that is developed in partnership with CLIA Europe.

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