Cruise to Messina !

Cruise to Messina ! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise tο Messina !

The Strait of Messina surrounds a natural inlet, with the port located in the heart of the city centre. Cruise tourists have an easy walk to the main streets to see Arabic, Norman and Suevian monuments. The cathedral of Messina is one of the oldest churches in Sicily and its bell tower contains the world’s largest astronomical clock, which was made in Strasbourg.

The port is multifunctional and extremely competitive: mooring facilities are available for ships of up to 300 metres and it will be further improved with a new maritime passenger station and vast areas for buses and shore services. The new Master Plan provides a larger area devoted to cruising, equipped with high quality services and security systems.

Messina Port Authority also has jurisdiction over the harbour of Milazzo where it is planned to boost cruise activity. Here the total quays length is 1,700mtr and it will become 2,100mtr in the next years. This town offers tourists the opportunity to literally walk to monuments and sites of interest and to visit Eolian Islands, Thyndaris, Cefalù.

Milazzo is a charming little town on the Tyrrhenian coast, lying at the beginning of a peninsula stretching towards the Aeolian Islands. Here you will find old churches, Palazzi and the fortified Citadel which stands dramatically on the ruins of the primitive Greek, Roman and Byzantine settlements. Both ports also offer a number of interesting routes including cultural, shopping, eating and drinking and sea-related leisure activities.

Must see tourist attractions
  • Messina (city centre and Regional Museum)
  • Milazzo
  • Taormina
  • Etna
  • Thyndaris (Greek theatre)



Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth
Length: over 300mtr
Width: no limit
Draught: 12mtr
Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: no
Tugs available: yes
Tidal movement/range: 0.6mtr


Total number of quays: 5
Total length of quays: 1,200mtr
Quay depth: 8-12mtr
Passenger terminals: 1

City centre: port in city centre
Airport: Reggio Calabria: 1hr 40min;
Catania: 1hr 40min
Free shuttle service to city: not necessary

Total cruise passengers 2017: Messina (Me): 393,562, Milazzo (Mi): 3,000
Total cruise calls 2017: Me: 172, Mi: 10
Total cruise lines 2017: Me: 23, Mi: 3
Turnaround port: no


Port Contact details

Main Contact
Cristiana Laura
Promotion & External Relation
Dept. Manager
P +39 090 601 3201
F +39 090 710 120
Mailing Address
Autorita Portuale di Messina
Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 27
98122 Messina, Italy

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