Cruise to Taranto!

Cruise to Taranto! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise to Taranto!

As the heel of Italy is becoming more and more popular, Taranto, in all likelihood, is the destination of your next unforgettable holiday under the Italian sun.

Located along the longest coastline in mainland Italy, with a privileged position in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Taranto will take you to its fairy-tale scenery, extremely rich in history, stunning coastal landscapes and fabulous food. Thanks to its new Multipurpose Service Center that will be ready within 2018, the Magna Grecia capital city is ready to host a passenger terminal to embark and disembark travellers visiting the Ionian City. In addition to the airports of Bari and Brindisi - respectively situated at 90 and 75km from the Port of Taranto - the airport of Grottaglie is only 20km from Taranto and directly connected to the seaport thus giving Taranto the chance to become home port for cruise travellers. Passengers arriving at the port of Taranto can easily reach, even on foot, a list of attractions that are worth a visit!

Taranto - founded in 706BC by Spartan warrior “Falanto” - became the capital of Magna Grecia, the cultural and commercial centre of a civilization envied by the Romans. The local Archaeological Museum houses several Greek artefacts whilst the Aragonese Castle - built in the 15th century – dominates the city skyline made unique by the Swing Bridge connecting the Old Town to the downtown area. The gulf of Taranto is also a haven for dolphin watching as the coast offers a memorable experience to discover the natural environment combining scientific research and tourism activities. The surrounding area is also the ideal location for trekking, hiking and horse-riding, the perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy the enchanting ravines of the valley of Itria, a land dotted with many stunning masserie and dried stone-walls gently lapped by Mediterranean maquis. An hour’s drive from Taranto is one of the most ancient cities in the world, Matera where the ancient cave houses “Sassi” (UNESCO World Heritage Site) are now being renovated and made into fancy boutique hotels.

Must see tourist attractions

  • Aragonese Castle
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Old Town
  • Dolphin watching tours
  • Matera

Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth

  • Length: 300mtr
  • Width: 40mtr
  • Draught: 11mtr


  • Available: yes
  • Ship Tenders allowed: yes
  • Tugs available: yes, 3x 5500 BHP + 2x 5300 BHP + 2x 3750 BHP
  • Tidal movement/range: Astronomical (max 3” very exceptional under long lasting N winds)


  • Total number of quays: 4
  • Total length of quays: 1,180mtr - Quay 1: 240mtr, Pier 1 East: 320mtr, Pier 1 West: 330mtr, Quay 2: 290mtr
  • Quay depth: max 11mtr
  • Passenger terminals: now under construction, ready by 2018


  • City Centre: port is 2km to centre of Taranto
  • Airport: 75km (60min drive via direct motorway)
  • Free shuttle service to the city: yes


  • Total cruise passengers 2017: 8,546
  • Total cruise calls 2017: 7
  • Total cruise lines 2017: 1
  • Turnaround port?: no

Port Contact details


Main Contact

Silvia Coppolino
Head of General and International Affairs/ Planning/ Human Resources Dept.
E: silvio.coppolino@ port.taranto.it
P: +39 0994 711 614
F: +39 0994 706 877

Other Contact

Cristina Carriere
Promotion Dept.
P: +39 0994 711 621

Mailing Address

Autorità di Sistema Portuale del mar Ionio
Casella Postale Aperta Taranto Succursale 2
74123 Taranto

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