Cruise to Ceuta!

Cruise to Ceuta! - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise to Ceuta!

Ceuta is a Spanish and European city in the North of Africa. It links two continents and shelters in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar, where the waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet.
A new operational Cruise Terminal Dock is located just 100mtr from the city centre. It allows for increased passenger traffic and for vessels surpassing 300mtr in length. It includes lighting, signposting, green areas and a new configuration of security systems introducing new locking systems that take into account organisation of traffic areas and circulation of authorised light vehicles and public transport services. The total investment cost over €2.2m. Ceuta offers the visitor endless possibilities, each more tempting than the previous. One can enjoy the city’s exceptional climate, its peoples hospitality and the beauty of its landscape with magnificent panoramic views of the Gibraltar Strait, its important commercial centre.
Key advantages are its non European port status, VAT free on all purchases, competitive pricing for quality bunkering and efficient port services.
In Ceuta there is a lot to discover. The Mediterranean Maritime Park with its 56,000sq mtr grounds is located in the heart of the city and offers gardens with a solarium containing deckchairs, sunbeds and shades plus a salt water lake with waterfalls.
Ceuta offers a gateway to the Magreb. It is the most efficient bridge to visit the neighbouring Magreb towns in Morocco that lie a few kilometres away. Coach tours to Morocco, accompanied by expert guides, are a very popular shore excursion for cruise passengers calling at this Spanish city port.

Must see tourist attractions

  • Ceuta sightseeing (3hr tour)
  • Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo,
    Ceuta city centre (100mtr)
  • Ceuta’s Grand Casino, Ceuta (100mtr)
  • Tetouans sightseeing (4hrs)
  • Tangier sightseeing (5hrs)


Port Facts

Maximum ship dimensions for berth

Length: 330mtr
Width: no limit
Draught: 10.2mtr




Available: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Tugs available: yes
Tidal movement/range: 1.4mtr





Total number of quays: 8
Total length of quays: 3,062mtr
Quay depth: up to 10.5mtr Passenger terminals: 2 (1 for cruise)
City centre: 100mtr
Airport: Malaga is connected by daily helicopter services
Free shuttle service to city: yes


Total cruise passengers 2017: 17,000
Total cruise calls 2017: 11
Total cruise lines 2017: 5
Turnaround port? no


Port Contact details

Main Contact

Victor M. Jiménez
Marketing & Commercial Manager
E: victor@puertodeceuta.com
P: +34 956 527 000/08
F: +34 956 527 001

Other Contact

Jose Francisco Torrado
Jose M. Carrasco
Finance & Business Development Manager
E: jcarrasco@puertodeceuta.com

Mailing Address

Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta
Muelle de España s/n
51001 Ceuta
W: www.puertodeceuta.com

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