Levante Pier welcomes Cruise ship Harmony G

Levante Pier welcomes Cruise ship Harmony G  - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Cruise ship Harmony G, that belongs to the shipping company "Variety Cruises", arrived yesterday May 28 at the dock of Levante in the Port of Huelva from Portimao (Portugal) where it remained docked from 07.30 am to 00.00 hours, when sailed to Cádiz.

The 29 cruise passengers, mostly Australians and Americans, had direct access to the city centre and remained in Huelva during the day to visit its main tourist attractions.

The Harmony G, with a crew of 18 people, Greek flag and 54 meters in length, is the seventh of the 15 scheduled cruises that the Port of Huelva will receive this season.






















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