French Riviera Cruise Club (FRCC) awards cruise ship Celebrity Reflection with the 2017 Green Award

French Riviera Cruise Club (FRCC)  awards cruise ship Celebrity Reflection with the 2017 Green Award  - Κεντρική Εικόνα
During a ceremony held on Wednesday the 12th of September, celebrating the joint stopover of two ships from the Celebrity Cruises company in Villefranche, the cruise ship Celebrity Reflection was awarded the Green Award 2017 by the French Riviera Cruise Club (FRCC).
This award was created in 2010 at the initiative of the FRCC and its partners to reward any cruise ship calling in at Alpes-Maritimes ports (Cannes, Antibes, Nice and Villefranche) for its sound approach to sustainable development.
The selection of the winner of the Green Award 2017 is based on “environmental audits” conducted by port management teams of CCI Nice Côte d’Azur (relying on quayside monitoring) of all ships calling in at least four times per year in one of the four ports.
The selected analysis criteria include noise, exhaust fumes, smells associated with the ship’s stopover, but also the transport of cruise passengers by tender and by bus, with the emphasis being placed on non-motorised mobility (bicycles, electric bicycles).
Taking into account quality of life and environmental aspects has always been at the heart of our approach as port managers hosting cruise stopovers.
Our approach is guided by an environmental and global approach to cruise operations, from the ship to the transport of passengers, including the stopover at the port.
This environmental commitment has also driven the FRCC to develop green products for cruise passengers calling in at the ports of our department: “Green Tours” are on offer at each one of the harbours, allowing passengers to discover the region in an environmentally-friendly manner. Depending on the port of call, thematic excursions are suggested through apps, an internet site, and flyers available at the ferry terminal. This work is conducted in partnership with the Tourism Offices of the cruise’s different ports of call and the Regional Tourism Committee.
Since 2008, the port of Nice-Villefranche Santé is ISO 14001-certified for its environmental management system.  This certification relates to all of its operations (including cruises) in the following areas:
  • Monitoring of water quality in the port (six campaigns conducted throughout the year).
  • Development and testing of an innovating “environmental monitoring” tool to monitor weather conditions, environmental noise levels and air quality, in partnership with the city of Nice Côte d’Azur (MNCA) and ATMOSUD.
  • Organising waste removal for all ships calling in at the port. Cruises/Ferries/Cargo ships/Yachts/Leisure boats.
  • “Zero Discharge” approach with dumping points throughout the waste water network in commercial harbours or with approved waste water pumping service providers.
  • Soft mobility services provided to port users, with the availability of electric bicycles (with solar charging).
  • Awareness raising and information: operations throughout the year with, for instance, the Port Education programme for school children or Green Flag for pleasure boaters, etc.
The CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, operator of the port of Nice and the ferry terminal of Villefranche Santé, is highly aware of the economic benefits that these stopovers generate for small local business owners in the ports of call of these cruises.
“Sensation Stopovers” are also regularly organised with various professionals and partners to guide individual passengers towards partner business owners.
Former winners of the Green Award:
  • 2010          Celebrity Century (Celebrity Cruises)
  • 2011          Ventura (Carnival cruises)
  • 2012          Liberty of the Seas (RCCL)
  • 2013          Club Med II (Club Med)
  • 2015          Vision of the Seas (RCI)
  • 2016          Aïda Stella (Aïda Cruises)
  • 2017          Celebrity Reflection (Celebrity Cruises)

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