Memorandum of Understanding between Assoporti and MedCruise

Memorandum of Understanding between  Assoporti and MedCruise - Κεντρική Εικόνα

Assoporti, the Italian Ports Association, and MedCruise, agree to cooperate in issues of common interest for the benefit of their respective members.

The Organisations recognise that they each have distinct areas of expertise and target and, further, that they each represent a membership that is broader than the segment that is common to them both. Assoporti focuses on promoting the interests of the shipping and maritime industry within Italy, which involves all types of maritime traffic (cargo and passengers). The MedCruise mission is to promote a sustainable cruise business in ports and destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, Adriatic and nearby Atlantic.

Assoporti and MedCruise will cooperate to share statistics and studies of common interest. The Organisations will contribute together to promote the cruise business and will coordinate themselves, where appropriate, to present a unified position to support sustainable cruise growth before Italian Government, local authorities and other stakeholders.

Both Organizations will collaborate in whatever initiatives could be of common interest regarding the cruise business and will deal together challenges related to the cruise industry.

The Organisations will work together to discuss the development and adaptation of port facilities to the new shipbuilding and new technologies in order to be prepared on time for the latest building trends such as provision of LNG to cruise ships.


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