Maria Cano, Director - Communication, Marketing & Promotion

Maria Cano, Director - Communication, Marketing & Promotion - Κεντρική Εικόνα

I am very pleased and honoured to continue being part of the Board of Directors of MedCruise, a unique association offering significant tools to promote the cruise ports and their destinations within the cruise industry. A unique association that empowers and brings opportunities to small ports and small local economies, such us the port I am representing. A unique association that gives a platform to remain united, whether a big or small port, wherever you are coming from, the East or the West Med, the Black Sea or Red Sea, if located at the Aegean or the Adriatic Sea or if you are part of a Sea or an Ocean like the Atlantic. During this term, I’ll be enthusiastically ready to work hard in the Marketing, Promotion and Communication task in full cooperation with our President, our Board of Directors and our esteemed members with the inestimable support of the great Secretariat in order to bring new fresh ideas and the maintenance of the high standards my predecessors left in that task.

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