Ashdod is just a one hour drive from the holy city of Jerusalem, and from Bethlehem, a 35 minute drive will get you to Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city. Ashdod residents and visitors enjoy a modern railway, newly built highways, roads and interchanges, allowing easy access to and from the city, as well as convenient driving within it. Ashdod, a 3000 year old capital city of the ancient Philistine Pentapolis, is still running high. The modern city of Ashdod is a polished gem waiting to be discovered, and welcomes its visitors with a variety of activities and attractions. Activities and attractions In Ashdod include - Jonah's Hill (Givat Yonah) - According to tradition Jonah's Hill is where Jonah the Prophet was ejected onto dry land after spending three days and nights in the fish's belly. The entire city of Ashdod, spreading to the south east, is visible from Jonah's Hill. A short trail leads to the remains of an ancient structure indicating the site of Prophet Jonah's tomb, a holy site according to Islam. Shopping - As a regional centre Ashdod mall have many kinds of shops with major brands, enjoying endless variety.

Gandi (Arches) beach - Ashdod offers wide, pristine beaches officially approved for swimming. The beaches offers convenient access, lifeguards and medical services as well as shaded areas, equipment, restaurants and other conveniences and facilities. Ashdod Port, Israel’s new economic gate, provides passengers of cruise ships and tourism, a new and modern terminal, among the most advanced in the world. The terminal includes:

• Currency exchange

• Cafeteria

• Duty-free shops

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