Puertos Canarios is developing a Business strategy with the aim of consolidating cruise traffic in the ports of Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera), and Gran Tarajal (Fuerteventura) and extend the offer to new destinations such as the new port of Tazacorte (La Palma). The promotion of this Business segment is port of this entity´s objective to make profit on the port system of the Canary Islands.

Tazacorte- It´s not coincidence that this island is known as “la Isla Bonita”, or “pretty island”. Home to almost intact nature resources, with landscapes of remarkable beauty. La Palma is the green island which reveals a multitude of colours beneath one of the best skies in the World in terms of astronomic observation. Our port is an excellent starting point to visit the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, a huge crater, which dominates the north part of the island.

Vueltas- A jewel of nature. That´s how you will describe La Gomera. You´ll have to make an imaginative effort to find the words to describe its landscapes, especially the green forest formed by species that disappeared in other parts of the World millions of years ago, but which have survived here and will amaze you. Our port, situated in Valle Gran Rey, leads you to the main tourist area, a big valley with the best beaches on the island. The port has good service of little ships, where you can live the experience of mailing with free dolphins and whales.

Gran Tarajal- An island with over 150 km of Sandy beaches and turquoise Waters, Discovery vast natural landscapes and share the natural openness of its people. A place to enjoy numerous activities in the best conditions. That paradise has a name: Fuerteventura, the Beach of Canaries. The port of Gran Tarajal is close to the touristic areas in the Routh of the island and the main attractions. On the East coasts of “Península of Jandía”, are the Beach resorts Jandía Playa and Morro Jable. The western, coast has some of the most beautiful beaches, the bay of Cofete, also used by surfers.

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