Ceuta is a Spanish and European city in North Africa. The anchor point for an imaginary bridge thak links two continents: natural shelter in the middle of the Straits of Gibraltar, where the waters of the Altantic and the Mediterranean meet, it is a natural settling point for different cultures: Christian, Muslim, Jewlish and Hindu.

Key Advantanges:

Ceuta has key advantanges as a cruise call. More and more shipowners are discovering the advantanges of using the Port of Ceuta and its comprehensive range of top quality services.

  • Excellent location and facilities for cruise ships.
  • First-rate facilities for passengers.
  • Ship can berth alongside cruise terminal.
  • Unbeteable choice of visitor attractions.
  • Fiscal advantange (50 % discount on personal and company taxes).
  • V.A.T. free.
  • Quality bunkers at competitive rates.
  • Top quality port services.



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