JEWEL OF THE IONIAN. Corfu is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Europe. One place of  beautiful contradictions, successive influences, crossroads of cultures and colors. Located in the northern Ionian Sea south of the Adriatic Sea, between the mainland of Greece and Italy.
Its strategic location in the Mediterranean made her a valuable prize to the major powers of each era. This location currently allows direct flights to all European countries and the coastal connection with a number of ports with Italy.

Corfu apart from its old town, offers a beautiful countryside with many points of interest such as the Achillion palace formerly of empress Sissy of Austria and the Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.
Traditional medieval villages, pepper the slopes and coastline, elegant monasteries and churches, harmonize with lush green landscapes and spectacular coves and beaches complete the canvas with Ionian blue.

EXPLORING WITHIN THE WALLS OF HISTORY. Corfu was such a strategically valuable prize throughout history that three fortresses were built to keep its town safe, though only two can be visited today. Known as the "Old" and "New" Fortresses, they showcase the evolution of military architecture from the 6th to the 19th Centuries, with Byzantine, Venetian and British contributions.
 Within a short walking distance from the town center, moats, beautiful gates, old wooden doors, vaulted corridors, cobbled paths, towers and battlements bring back to life an age of sieges and marauding pirates.
 Corfu has a wealth of large and small museums spread throughout the island, covering a remarkable range of interests. From highly popular archaeological exhibits to unusual archival treasures and from rare Byzantine art to priceless Asian artifacts, the available choice and quality of the collections displayed in Corfu’s museums is truly impressive.


Tourist Info

Local Population: 140000
Time (GMT+/-): +2
First language: greek
Second language: english
Currency: euro
Banking hours (morning): From 08:00 to 14:00
Banking hours (afternoon): From to
Credit cards: yes
Accepts Travellers Cheques: No
Shopping hours (morning): From 08:00 to
Shopping hours (afternoon): From to 24:00
Public holidays: yes
Shops are open on Saturdays: Yes
Shops are open on Sundays: Yes

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