Along the short stretch of the Slovenian coast, just 47 km long, but rich in cultural attractions and recreational activities overlooking Koper, the numerous industries, container depots and more modern buildings have not harmed the beauty and originality of this city, which has perfectly conserved its medieval centre. The beach area is along the north side of the Bay of Koper, in the seaside resort of Ankaran, which introduces the visitor to discover the beautiful parts of the region, which are easily reached from here. Luka Koper is a joint stock company that provides logistical services to the port of Koper port, the largest in Slovenia. The Port of Koper was established in 1957 and was privatized in 1996, when Luka Koper was founded, the company that gives an important contribution to the economic development in the Obalno-Kraška region, the smallest in Slovenia.

The main activities of the Port of Koper are goods handling, storage and full logistics support for, in particular to Central European countries. Luka Koper manages the entire trading

With this in mind, in recent years the cruiser terminal at the port is being developed, which, although still at an early stage, are already home to cruise ships bound for the Adriatic and the Mediterranean seas. Dock 1.A is 420 meters long and 300 meters away from the city centre, and is dedicated to passenger traffic and can accommodate yachts and pleasure boats, in addition to cruise ships.

Among the projects that are under construction, there is also a new terminal for cruise ships with a capacity of 2,500 passengers. The new terminal will be in the vicinity of dock 1.A, at just 100 meters from the city centre. The structure will include the immigration police, customs, arrival and departure areas, left luggage, duty free, info point and other shops and services, ensuring the passengers have a comfortable stay.

The terminal project is on two levels, according to the new standards, and will be completed within two years.


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