An ancient Mediterranean town, Koper lies on the northern coast of the Istrian peninsula, where the Adriatic Sea cuts deeply into the heart of Central Europe. Istria connects the Adriatic Sea and the Karst region, mighty waters and soft stones. Koper's rich history with Venetian renaissance tradition is very well preserved with many beautiful squares, monuments and townhouses. The Cruise Terminal is just a minutes walk from the wonderful Tito's square with its Cathedral, Venetian Praetorian Palace and Loggia from 13th century as well as old town cafes and restaurants. The history of Koper goes back to the times of the Middle Bronze Age, 1500 years B.C., passengers and tourists can enjoy and visit different museums, galleries and churches, all within walking distance.

The Port of Koper was established in 1957 and was privatized in 1996, when Luka Koper was founded, the company that gives an important contribution to the economic development in the Obalno-Kraška region, the smallest in Slovenia.

The main activities of the Port of Koper are goods handling, storage and full logistics support for, in particular to Central European countries. Luka Koper manages the entire trading. 


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