The port of La Spezia is located at the centre of one of the deepest and best protected natural harbour on the Italian coast, in a rich and diverse area. It can be defined the new cruise port in the Med.

With more than 700,000 passengers foreseen in 2019, La Spezia is becoming a very interesting cruise port in Italy, offering amazing destinations to each and every passenger and able to receive the largest cruise ships sailing the Med. With the new merged port of Marina di Carrara, nearby the world famous marble quarries, the Eastern Ligurian Sea can satisfy the expectations and tastes of even the most demanding traveller in the beauty of the Italian landscapes, art and culture.

Whether seeking natural scenery or cultural pursuits, visitors who choose to land on La Spezia’s coast have both to enjoy. They will find scenery galore in the Cinque Terre national and Montemarcello - Magra regional parks, in the two green lungs surrounding the Vara and Magra river, in the amazing marble quarries of Carrara and in the spellbinding Ligurian archipelago. And they will have culture to pursue as well in La Spezia’s rich artistic heritage and museum network: the Amedeo Lia Museum, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Naval Museum and the Museum of the Lunigiana Stele Statues.

They will also find a captivating blend of the two in towns of renown like Sarzana, Carrara, Lerici and Porto Venere. Visitors coming ashore at La Spezia can choose to linger there and admire the city, with its many shops and the inviting gourmet trails in which the large pedestrian precinct abounds, and its deservedly famous surroundings, or opt to spend some time visiting major heritage cities, such as Pisa, Florence, Lucca and Parma,all of which are within an hour’s journey of La Spezia. Whatever the choice, on landing in La Spezia they will findthemselves in the midst of a land of age-old traditions and a thousand different facets, with the power to enchant and come up to the highest expectations.


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