Lisbon, the only European capital Atlantic

Situated in a magnificent geographic location, Lisbon is ideally placed to serve as a switching point or base port for cruises between the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Atlantic islands. With a wide choice of hotels, an airport with excellent air lift providing regular flights to most European destinations and Brazil, and the shortest flights to North and South America from the European mainland, plus history, cultural events and leisure spots, Lisbon is an ideal transit and turnaround cruise port. The Lisbon Cruise Terminal, inaugurated on November 10th, 2017 , is a project by the Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça, situated in Santa Apolónia, and it was constructed by Lisbon Cruise Port. 

The sea approach to the city of Lisbon is a magical experience for cruise passengers. From the moment the ship enters the Tagus estuary, passengers will be enchanted by the first glimpse of the city and its riverside landmarks.

As far as cruise infrastructures is concerned, the port of Lisbon has a new cruise pier that, together with the existing one, offers to cruise companies more than 2300 meters of berthing.

Lisbon, modern and cosmopolitan, is famous for its unique light but also for the mild climate that allows wonderful walks to the city. It is a city that does not forget its traditions and live them with pride – fado and popular festivals are important examples. Full of charm, Lisbon offers many opportunities for tourists that visit the city, from a rich cultural offer and World Heritage monuments to shops, restaurants and sports facilities, many of them easily accessible from the port.

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