The ports of Messina and Milazzo are the main ways to Sicily, a fascinating land to discover classical civilizations with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean.

The harbor of Messina is in the city centre, close to the main places of interest and the shopping centre and well connected with the airports of Reggio Calabria and Catania. The port has a multifunctional role and it is extremely competitive: mooring facilities are available for ships of up to 300 metres and it will be further improved with the structural reinforcement of all berths and another passengers maritime station.

The Port Authority of Messina exercises its jurisdiction also on the harbor of Milazzo. Here  the total quays length is 1700 mt (304 mt for cruise ships) and it will become 2100 in the next years.

Sicily is a geographical ‘platform’ along the main cruise routes in the Mediterranean, from South to North and from East to West. From the ports of Messina and Milazzo you will enjoy monumental-historical, landscape, ethnic-folkloristic, wine-and-food itinerariesand a variety of original routes for a unique cruising experience throughout the year, thanks to the mild climate which extends the tourist season year round.

The ports of Messina and Milazzo are multifunctional and extremely competitive.Both ports are located in the heart of the two cities, offering a number of interesting routes including cultural, shopping, eating and drinking and sea-related leisure activities.

In particular, the port of Messina is situated in a natural inlet surrounded by a scenario of extraordinary beauty, the Strait of Messina, which has always been the site of mythological tales. The city centre and the most important historical monuments, in Arabic, Norman and Suevian style, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, are right opposite the port, which has been a driving force for the financial and commercial development of the province for centuries. The cathedral of Messina is one of the oldest churches in Sicily and its bell tower contains the world’s largest astronomical clock, which was made in Strasbourg.

The port of Milazzo offers tourists the great opportunity to literally walk to monuments and sites of interest and to visit the Aeolian Islands, Thyndaris, Cefalù.

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