Three doorways on the world. Kissed by sun, caressed by sea waves. Surrounded by an unique, unspoiled natural scenario.Sailors’ points of arrival and departure over the centuries, major ancient people’s landing places. Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans: they all left their mark on the territory. This history is still alive in well preserved remains, fully accessible to everyone interested in discovering our roots. Olbia, Golfo Aranci and Porto Torres are counted among the chief ports of call of the Mediterranean Sea, nowadays. Three units dealing with over five million passengers and a constantly increasing cruise traffic.


The Port of Olbia, famous for being today the main doorway to Sardinia, besides being one of the most important passengers’ Calls of the Mediterranean area with 4 million passengers every year, is also an important trading port with nearly 6 million tons of goods. This port reality is divided into three areas: Cocciani Port, in the industrial area of the town; Internal Port, solely used for pleasure boating and mini cruise ships, where one still can see the ancient Roman Port; Isola Bianca's wharf, provided with 11 docks for Ro-Roand cruise ships transporting passengers with cars and business vehicles.

Golfo Aranci

Slightly north of Olbia there is the Port of Golfo Aranci, a little closer to the peninsula in terms of navigation time.This call welcomes every year about one million passengers. Golfo Aranci is today nationally appreciated because of these figures as well as its ideal position, embarking and disembarking operations' speed and deep water that makes it possible to dock big tonnage and cruise ships. Last but not least, worth to mention is its activity as fishing and pleasure port.

Porto Torres

The port of Porto Torres is the second call of Sardinia, in terms of passengers, and the first in terms of goods' quantity. By now, it is considered a multipurpose port, with three different areas: the Civic port, partly located on the ancient medieval port and recently renovated, consists of the west pier (with 3 Ro-Ro ferries' hauling points measuring 200 meters), the cableway's dock with a Ro-Ro hauling point, the Segni/customs dock (more than 300 meters in length) reserved for cruise ships. The Deep Water Dock, used to make Ro-Pax ships dock and can provide berthing up to 400 m long. The West Pier, that is the western end of the port. At the moment it is undergoing extension works and in the future it will be wide enough to dock more than four big-sized ships, up to 300 meters in length. Finally, the industrial port, that is outside the town and consists of several mooring points. It is named "ex ASI", and can accommodate three ferries or cruise ships at the same time. It can handle ships in excess of 300 m. in length.


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