Souda port, 7km away from the town of Chania, lies along the north-western coast of the island of Crete in Greece. Cruise ships are welcome and may safely berth during the whole year. Souda port is perfectly located with close access to the most popular ports of the area, Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Italy, Turkey, Middle East, North Africa.

In 2012, 54 ships called with 129,087 cruise passengers. Whilst works are undergoing to increase port services, the port administration has decided to use a small passenger station in the port, with a nice waiting area, information desk, WC, etc.

The town of Chania is a crossroad of religion and civilisation, offering fascinating historical & natural destinations. Regarding shore excursions, Chania can offer to the passengers all possibilities and fulfill all requests. Excursions to Museums (Archeological Museum and Maritime Museum), Archaeological sites (Ancient hellenic city of Aptera), Monasteries (Monastery of Ag. Triada), Natura - Botanical Parks, Traditional Cretan villages or even a city tour and a guided walk through the narrow streets of the Old Harbour. The old town is an integral settlement with visible boundaries set by the walls surrounding it.

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