Without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is "the most beautiful one in the world and beyond". You'd better not discuss this with them for well spirited "Splicani" will convince you as soon as you discover it. Split has lived its urban rhythm for as long as 1700 years, with its heart inside the Diocletian's Palace. From over a millennium ancient history to present day, a UNESCO protected site of World Cultural Heritage, this unique metropolis of southern Croatia blends old and new in perfect harmony. Split is situated in the warmest region of the nothern Mediterranean coast, in the very centre of the Adriatic eastern coast and in the immediate vicinity of the rivers Jadro and Zrnovnica that have been watering it for 17 centuries. Its mild climate, with 2700 sunny hours per year, makes it an oasis sheltered from the wind where one can enjoy the sun even in wintertime. Split has daily connections with several of the most beautiful Croatian islands which makes it of it a great strategic position for vacations and travels.

Tourist attractions, venues and activities
Split city tour
Salona and Trogir city tours
Split and Cetina river canyon
Rafting Cetina river
Sea safari
Krka river and waterfalls - croatian national park
Plitvice lakes - Croatian national park
Exclusive programs at archeological museum
Exclusive programs at cathedral of St. Lawrence in Trogir

The tour starts with a panoramic drive through the town. First we will stop at the Mestrovic Gallery - Ivan Mestrovic is the greatest Croatian sculptor of all times. A large part of his impressive work is displayed here in his house that is today a gallery. We will then drive to just in front of the Old Town. Today's Split is the product of 17 centuries of building, renovating and remodeling so that the new of today meshes with the old of yesterday. At the core of this sprawling cityscape is the palace that Emperor Diocletian built for his golden years at the turn of the 4th century. What began as an imperial residence and a fortified camp is today an intriguing warren of narrow cobblestone streets, where pre-Romanesque churches live alongside Gothic chapels, history-filled museums and galleries of contemporary art and delicious-smalling restaurants compete with bustling cafes for the attention of passers-by. The Old Town of Split is built on and around the spectacular Roman Palace erected by the Roman Emperor Diocletian (born in Salona - today's Solin) in the 4th century. The walking tour starts with walking through the Cellars of the Palace that are still very well preserved. The cellars offer a good view at how the life in the Palace was organized. The walking tour continues with the visit to the Ethnographical Museum which is situated in the very heart of Diocletian's Palace, actually in the Emperor's Apartment. Museum itself is very interesting since a combination of a beautiful medieval house and imperial rooms. We will also visit te very interesting Cathedral of St. Duje (patron saint of the city). The Cathedral is built on the remains of an ancient shrine and is supposed to be the oldest in the world. A visit will also be made to the charming Temple of Jupiter. Other sights such as the Golden Gate, the Silver Gate, the Peristyle Square etc will be seen from the outside.

Tourist Info
Local Population: 180.000
Time (GMT+/-): +1
First language:
Second language:  
Croatian Kuna
Banking hours (morning): From 08 to
Banking hours (afternoon): From to 07
Credit cards: Master Card, Diners Club, Visa , Eurocard, American Express (only Croatian)
Accepts Travellers Cheques: Yes
Shopping hours (morning): From 8 to
Shopping hours (afternoon): From to 21
Public holidays: January 1, New Year's Day January 6, Epiphany Easter and the day after, Easter and Easter Monday May 1, International Workers' Day 60 days post Easter, Corpus Christi June 22, Anti-Fascist Struggle Day June 25, Statehood Day August 5, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian defenders August 15, Assumption of Mary October 8, Independence Day November 1, All Saints' Day December 25, Christmas December 26, St. Stephen's Day
Shops are open on Saturdays: Yes
Shops are open on Sundays: Yes
Tourist Office Tourist Information Center
Contact Name: Ivana Vrdoljak
Address: Obala HNP 9
Tel. No.: +(385) 21 360 066
Fax No.: +(385)21 360 067
Email: touristinfo@visitsplit.com
Website: www.visitsplit.com
Tourist Office Tourist Board of Split and Dalmatia County
Contact Name: Joško Stella
Address: Prilaz braće kal 10
Tel. No.: +(385) 21 490 033
Fax No.: +(385)21 490 032
Email: info@dalmatia.hr
Website: www.dalmatia.hr

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