Tunis, near to the port of La Goulette, is a city where yesterday and today blend together - a bustling Mediterranean city of palm tree boulevards, modern buildings, bright yellow taxis and chic boutiques alongside the narrow streets of the ancient Medina or Suuq, awash with leather and coloured garments. Follow the shops offering antiques, jewellery, carpets and pottery towards the Mosque of the Olive Tree, Ez Zitouna at the heart of the Medina. This is Tunis' main mosque and is named after the mosque's founder who taught the Koran under an olive tree. Built in the 9th Century, the minaret was added in the 19th Century. It is today a house of learning.

Existing berths of La Goulette, with a total of 657mtr, together they reach a total length of around 1,700mtr. The facilities include a new tourist village (Goulette Village Harbour) and have increased the port's handling facilities as well as speed up transfer times, and most importantly enhanced security operations, with the entire area fully ISPS compliant. Covering an area of 6,500sq mtr, the Goulette Village Harbour resembles a medina with Tunisian architectural styling and comprises a central building with two wings alongside housing 10 shops selling local traditional clothing, watches and jewellery. There are an a la carte fish restaurant, cafes and juice bar plus hammam, health and beauty shops. Nearby Tunis is the Bardo Museum which boasts the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The museum also displays objects ranging from pre-historic artefacts to modern jewellery. ​

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