Situated in the heart of the Adriatic, Zadar is the urban center of northern Dalmatia as administrative, economic, cultural and political center of the region with 92,000 inhabitants.

Often compared with Venice and Dubrovnik, Zadar is irresistible for those who respect and admire historical monuments and cultural heritage, artists, tourists and its citizens. Zadar is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organs in the world.

A tumultuous and hundreds of years old history, destruction and rebuilding have left their scars and numerous legacies, today’s valuable city heritage. Numerous churches and cultural monuments have been preserved from all historical periods and artistic architecture of all styles is visible, from the Roman period across the Middle Ages to contemporary architecture. There are around 70 historical monuments in the historical city nucleus, while the other parts in the surrounding district count to over 600 immovable cultural monuments.

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