CEMAR AGENCY NETWORK has been working in the shipping business for over 60 years. The company has been traditionally dedicated to the assistance of yachts and now has the same flair and dedication in assisting cruising vessels. They proudly offer the best services on the market for both port and ground operations.

The team of dedicated professionals take care of luxury  cruising  vessels, as  they  work with  some of the most important Cruise Companies in the world.


Cemar is a shipping agency which also supply ground services at all Italian ports, with a network of 28 offices and an experienced team of dedicated professionals, gives a 24 hours service.

  • Port Agents specialized in cruise vessels;
  • Management of ship supplies;
  • Consultants and negotiators with Harbours, Port Authorities, Police and Customs, providing services to control costs;
  • Coordinate shipbuilding, conversions, refits, repairs and ship lay-up.

Through the tour operating company WestMed Tours, managed directly by Cemar, they organize sightseeingtours, personalised and innovative excursions, on board and pier shows and hotel bookings tailoring the most unusual requirements of their clients.

They manage meticulously planned turnarounds which offer passengers a comfortable and stress-free beginning and end to their cruising holiday.


Cemar is the only company dedicated exclusively to cruising vessels. They believe that specialising only in one area gives a very special competitive edge.

Being very attentive to services provided on board, as each vessel is  unique, Cemar staff conform their ground services to match those on board, offering the same high quality and assistance. This because the passenger is their final customer and their goal is to satisfy every single passenger.

After many years of  hard work in the field of large yachts Cemar decided to use this kind of experience and offer personalised services to cruising vessels, which has been their winning feature.  They have made a large investment on the quality of services having always received positive feedback through the satisfaction of customers.

Today, after many years in the market they are still researching new services and opportunities to offer to the shipowners and their passengers.  They collect many new ideas and projects coming from a young and dedicated staff (the average age of Cemar organization is 34.22) all of outstanding backgrounds and cultures, who work effectively to ensure a deep level of customer satisfaction.

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