Port of Huelva: Port of Christopher Columbus. Western gateway to Andalusia.

In the west coast of Andalusia, next to the Strait of Gibraltar, the Port of Huelva is situated less than one hour from the monumental city of Seville and the Portuguese Algarve, at the most important crossroads of the North-South and East-West maritime routes, (one sailing night from Lisbon and also to Malaga), which means the opportunity for being visited by cruise ships whose routes are through the South Mediterranean, North Africa and North EuropeCanary Islands as well as seasonal change between the Caribbean and Europe.

Huelva is the most natural province in Spain. This is proven by the 122 km of fine, white sandy beaches that run between the estuaries of the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadiana and its boundless nature, with spaces of such ecological value that they have become its greatest asset, such as Doñana, the Odiel Marshes and the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Parks. Huelva is light, With 3,120 hours of sunshine a year and a perfect temperate climate on the coast, it is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea all year round along its 122km of coastline of fine and white sandy beaches, offering at the same time outstanding conditions for sailing. These climate conditions motivate visitors to do outdoor sports such as golf, with 11 first-class golf courses at the province.

The exceptional geographical and climatological conditions of Huelva also contribute to its production of high quality foods such as ham from Jabugo, meat and cold meat from the mountains, prawns and fish from the sea, magnificient strawberries and raspberries, the exquisite olive oil, brandy, wine and vinegars.

All these factors are excellent reasons to discover Huelva. The most remarkable event in the history of the city took place in 1492 when three caravels under the command of Christopher Columbus, accompanied by local sailors, departed from the Port to reach the socalled New World. 

Huelva is not only there to be viewed, but for the experience of personally discovering in depth its uncountable attractions. In contrast to many other places, its varied attractions present visitors with a world of opportunities to enjoy active tourism while constantly being in first-hand contact with nature.

Huelva is, definitively, the light of the sea.


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