Since 1959 Salamis Organization have been serving the cruise, travel and tourism, shipping and transport industries. With offices in all major towns in Cyprus and having considerable experience, we are in position to provide competitive quality services in a professional way.  

Salamis Shipping Services Ltd is a member of Salamis’ organization, providing the following shipping and transport services.


  • Port Agency
  • Port terminal operations and port/ airport passengers handling
  • Ship’s supplies
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Transfers
  • International Forwarding
  • Customs and port authority formalities and documentation 
  • Reefer and tilt Trailers  transport in Europe
  • Handling of projects: odd, huge, IMO and  sensitive cargoes
  • Oil and gas logistics   


In Salamis Organization with its hard working, dedicated and experienced personnel, known for loyalty and long-lasting relationship, is ready to respond to any requirement and execute the most appropriate solutions, meeting successfully customer’s needs and expectations.

We will be pleased to serve you.

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