Tourist attractions, venues and activities

Trabzon has many places, restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels and beaches.

Tourists can choose touristic destinations:

  •  Ataturk Pavilion
  •  Uzungol (Lake)
  •  Lake of Sera
  •  Sumela Monastery
  •  Hagia Sophia Museum 
  •  Trabzon Museum
  •  Cal Cave
  •  Vazelon Monastery
  •  Boztepe
  •  Forum Trabzon (Mall)
  •  Cevahir Trabzon (Mall)
  •  Varlıbaş (Mall)
Tourist Info
Local Population: Turkish
Time (GMT+/-): +3
First language: Turkish
Second language: English
Currency: Turkish Lira
Banking hours (morning): 09.00-12.30
Banking hours (afternoon): 13.30-17.30
Credit cards: Yes
Accepts Travellers Cheques: Yes
Shopping hours (morning): Since 09:00am
Shopping hours (afternoon): Until 10.00pm
Public holidays: Weekends
Shops are open on Saturdays: Yes
Shops are open on Sundays: Malls are open, Shops are mostly open in the city center

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