The Port of Cagliari is in the center of the Mediterranean sea, and because of its position, it has been a fundamental commercial and strategic bond for more than 2000 years. Funded by the Phoenicians, then  influenced by the Carthaginians and the Romans, it has kept for centuries the capacity for constant development and improvement. The abundance of experience and tradition is nowadays guided by the Port Authority, that develops and promotes activities stressing the importance of quality, integration and innovation.

Thanks to its big available spaces, functioning potential and good geographical position (only 11 miles distant from the line Gibraltar-Suez), the Port of Cagliari responds to the requests of busy commercial traffic, representing one of the key points for transshipment activity of the western Mediterranean, with the transport of conventional goods, bulk carrier, RO/RO traffic, containers shipping, and also providing passenger services, fishing, yachting, cruising and other types of activities.

The territory of the Port extends up to 30 km along the cost, with the structure divided in three parts: historical port, canal port and oil terminal. The historical port is extended up to 5.800 meters of quay and it is used for the commercial traffic, RO/RO, passenger ships, yachting, fishing and cruising; the last one especially, thanks to the collaboration with local energies, is developing very quickly.  The canal port is extended up to 1600 meters of quay and it offers 5 berths for transshipment and RO/RO traffic, while, in prospective, it will have more than 7.500 meters of quay for the district boat. Besides this, it provides petrochemical petroleum berths for mooring 19 ships.

The logistic integration within the city is excellent: the historical port is only 100 m away from the city, and it is very well connected, a few meters away from the railway station and 7 km away from the airport.

The Port Authority is working on projects, that are combining the historical experience and modern technologies, in order to develop the transport system, productivity and a set of economic activities related to the port.

Aware of its role in the economy of Cagliari, the Port Authority has already agreements with the local public bodies, companies and university, in order to clearly define the strategic development of the role of the port system. The Port authorities are doing researches to establish the target group of passengers and merchandise that should be taken into consideration, but also the ways to improve access and develop intermodality, to plan the activities in order to be more competitive in attracting and satisfying the needs of the cruising flows.

Based on these activities, the Port Authority is coordinating the work using the best resources, in the most efficient way, determined to capitalize the interest of the European Union towards the countries on the Mediterranean sea, and to draw plans of development that will coherently follow the projects of quality growth and improvement of the cost-benefit relation for different purposes.

Regarding the cruise activities, we always point out our close relationship with Cagliari Cruise Port society. Together, we have strengthened the passenger traffic succesfully since 2012.

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