Port Authority of Bari extended its jurisdiction to the ports of Monopoli and Barletta. The new entity now represents three different ports with a total area of 750,000sq mtr and diverse flows in terms of passengers and freight, in order to differentiate it according to the market demand. The purpose is to be competitive in the shipping market, through a synergistic modular port system.

Bari, the main port situated on the Adriatic Sea and the capital of the region of Apulia, is one of the most economically active cities in southern Italy.

The multi-functional cruise terminal, which is situated right beside Bari's historic centre, extends over 3,500sq mtr and includes a check-in area to cater for more than one ship at a time and a check-in for ferries to Greece. Bari provides a safe and sheltered harbour that can simultaneously accommodate multiple ships.

The region offers a wide range of tours. The most popular excursions from Bari are: Castellana caves, Alberobello and the land of Trulli and Matera and the Sassi district which both are UNESCO World Heritage sites, Castel del Monte, and the Frederick II's Swabian Castel, also UNESCO World Heritage.

Believe it or not, Bari is the city of Santa Claus. The bones of the old Saint Nicholas rest in the Cathedral started to be built in 1087, after sailors from Bari stole the relics of the saint from Mira, in Turkey.

Today Bari is one of the most active cities in Italy with about 372,000 inhabitants, a modern, busy metropolis dominated by commerce, its principal source of wealth.

Port Authority of Bari will be enhancing facilities both on land and at sea. The cruise terminal will be expanded to create new areas and optimise the existing ones and a dock, about 350mtr in length, dedicated to large passenger ships will be constructed. 

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