Port and harbour details
Latitude:  41°08'17''N
Longitude: 16°50'40''E
Port type: Passengers, cruise passengers, commercial
Port size: Medium
Harbour type: Coastal Breakwater
Harbour size: Medium 
Harbour opening: 24 hours
Restrictions on arrival/departure time: No
Entrance channel: Orientation: N/A 
Width: N/A 
Draught: N/A 
Tidal movement/range: 0,30-0,40 mt.
Maximum ship dimension per berth
Length: 330 mt.
Draught: 12 mt.
Air Draught: no limit
Quays & Berthing
Ship stay minimum: 1 hour
Ship stay maximum: 24 hours
Number of quays: 13
Total length of quays: 1,900 mt.
Quay depth: up to 12
Number of passenger terminals: 3
Combined passenger terminals with Ro-Ro or others: N/A
Available: Yes
Anchorage distance from the pier/terminal or tender moored:  
Compulsory: Yes
Port in Schengen area: Yes
Clearance time: hours
Procedure: Port agent
Pilotage: Available: Yes
Compulsory: for vessel over 500 gt
Advisable: Yes
Tugs: Available: Yes
Compulsory: Yes
Number of tugs available: 2
Maximum power available: 
Assist: Yes
Salvage: Yes
Notice required: Yes
Ship repair: Yes
Banking at pier: No
Car valet parking: Yes
Water: Yes
Provisions: Yes
Fuel oil: Yes
Diesel oil: Yes
Natural gas/LNG: No
Waste disposal
Garbage: Yes
Toxic/special waste: Yes
Bilge/sludge waters: Yes
Grey/black waters: Yes
Restrictions on washing the ship’s hull: Yes
Restrictions on painting the ship’s hull: Yes
Restrictions on the use of incinerators: Yes
Restrictions on the use of the whistle Yes
Recycling facilities: Yes
Construction projects underway:  
Construction projects financed:  
Construction projects planned:  
ISPS certificate, part A present: Yes
ISPS certificate, part B present: Yes
Port facility security office contact info: Contact Person: Michele Saracino
Title: PFSO – Ports Facility Security Officer
Phone number: +39 331 6373428 
Number of Luggage Scanners: 1
Number of Hand Luggage Scanners: 4
Number of Metal Detectors: 4 portals + 4 portable 
Fences: Yes
Shore Guards upon request: Yes



Terminal crociere Porto di Bari
Services at terminal building  
Tourist information desk (for passengers) : Yes
Information desk (for crew): Yes
Lounge room: Yes
Crew room: No
Toilets: Yes
Telephone, internet and other communication services: Yes
Bank/Foreign exchange: No
Post: Yes
Pharmacy: Yes
Shops - souvenirs: Yes
Bar/Restaurant: Yes
Security X-ray, metal detectors: Yes
Baggage handling: Yes
Baggage storage: Yes
Visible signage: Yes
Wheelchair access: Yes
Pedestrian paths: Yes
Lifts: Yes
Escalators: Yes
Assistance upon request: Yes
Shuttle services: Yes
Taxis: Yes
Public transport: Yes
Parking for cruise passengers: Yes
Number of long-stay parking places (within 2 km from nearest berth): 2
Number of short-stay parking places near berths: 2
Shorex buses parking: Yes
Number of spaces: 50/80
Distance from ship: 10-300
Private cars until pier for persons with reduced mobility: Yes
City centre: 1 km
A pedestrian path to the city is available: Yes (15 minutes)
Shuttle bus available: Yes
Railway station: 2 km
Airport: 11 km
Top 3 tourist destinations  
City centre San Nicola 
Museum Pinacoteca provinciale 1 km 
Beaches Pane e Pomodoro 1,5 km
Location (pier or quay name) Cruise Berths 10,12,13,14
Berth length: 280/330 mt.
Berth draught: 8/12
Cruise-dedicated: 4
Ferry-dedicated: No
Passenger ships: No
Commercial/Cargo: No
Berth reservations process: Booking in advance 
Shore gangway: No
Shore gangway type:  
Throughput rate (pax/time):  
Approximate distance from ship at berth to the excursion busses: 50
Number of check-in desks: 2
Number of cabin luggage scanners: 4
Number of hand luggage scanners: 4
Number of metal detectors: 8
Year Total Pax Total Calls
2016 400.875 145
2015 368.281 148
2014 561.602 147
2013 604.781 171
2012 618.882 206
2011 586.848 209
2010 507.694 152
Emergency Information  
International Code: ITBA
Country Code: +39
City Code: 080
Fire Brigade: 115
Ambulance: 118
Police: 113
Harbour Master and/or Coast Guard: 1530

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