Brindisi is a magnificent port-city with a history that spans more than three millennia. As the ship enters the Port, the visitor is welcomed by the spectacle of the back-end Column of the ancient Via Appia, built by the Romans to connect Brindisi with Rome. The City has been known as the “Gateway to the East” since ancient times when it became an important port, first for the Roman troops, and later for the merchants of Venice. Today the province of Brindisi has at its peak a number of majestic castles and luxurious dwellings. 

The city of Brindisi, located on the Adriatic coast, lies between two deep bays linked to the open sea by a narrow and deep channel, overlooked by the Red Castle, named for the particular colour of the stone used to build it. The Swabian Castle, instead, overlooks the western channel of the port and was built thanks to the charismatic figure of Frederick II. Among the sights not to be missed, the Temple of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, with a beautiful and finely-decorated marble portal. Brindisi is also a central spot to reach the many hidden treasures of Puglia: in the north the Itria Valley, known as the "Land of the Trulli”.

The beautiful city of Ostuni with the whitewashed old town crossed by a maze of low houses and narrow passageways. The Egnazia Archaeological Park holds important finds dating back to the Roman age. The northern coast hosts the natural WWF Oasis of Torre Guaceto, an ideal habitat for birds, insects and many amphibian species. From Brindisi you can travel twenty minutes south to visit Lecce, the “Florence of the South” and the suggestive seaside towns of Otranto and Gallipoli. Along the crystal clear sea the beaches and cliffs are surrounded by fields of olive-trees, vineyards and the typical Mediterranean vegetation (“Macchia mediterranea”), where accommodation facilities, villages, campsites, luxury hotels and spas satisfy the various needs. In this peaceful and relaxing atmosphere cherished by a mild climate throughout the year, many restaurants offer the specialties of this very traditional land like fish and wine.

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