In June 2018, Egypt was ranked the safest country in Africa and rated higher than both the UK and US, according to a new global poll. The poll was published by BBC news and placed Egypt 16th out of 135 countries, while the UK was 21st and the US 35th. The best is yet to come in 2019 considering the amount of effort Egypt is making in safety, security and tourism services for the wellbeing of the tourists.

Egypt is a maritime country that has a remarkable geographical location on the junction of three continents and 2,000km of coastline on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea which developed its connection with the foreign world since ancient times. Moreover, the Suez Canal is a major artery that passes through its land linking East to West. The foreign seaborne trade of Egypt represents about 90% of all foreign trade. Since the maritime transport process became a complicated industry it was indispensable to develop this industry through a well-defined strategic goal.

Alexandria is one of the most magnificent coastal cities of Egypt, and hosts a variety of ancient monuments immortalized by history. The Port of Alexandria has upgraded its cruise terminal with a surface of 8,725sq mtr, parking area for up to 80 buses, accommodating more than 5,000 tourists and five cruise ships, at once. Renovation of the terminal took inspiration from Alexandria's history with the design comprising Pharaonic architecture with features from the Roman era. Other Egyptian ports are Port Said, located in the Suez Canal at the northern entrance to the Mediterranean, Sharm El Sheikh, approximately 360km from Suez and 490km from Cairo, Suez, originally a port for pilgrims, and Hurghada, located on the western coast of the Red Sea.



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