The Port Authority of Gioia Tauro exercises its jurisdiction over ports Crotone and Corigliano Calabro. The port of Crotone (Port of Magna Greece) dominates the central part of the Ionian coast of Calabria. It consists in two adjacent basins (Old Port and New Port) that are not connected with each other. The port settlement is deeply connected to the urban structure of the city where developments is particularly influenced by the former. As early as the eighth century BC – the year of foundation of Crotone – the Greek colonists established, through the centrality of the port trade exchanges with all the Hellinic peninsula.

The port of Corigliano Calabro (Port of Northern Calabria) is located on the high Ionic of Calabria, at the center of the homonymous gulf the is part of the wider Gulf of Taranto. It served industrial, commercial and touristic functions. This infrastructure is strategic, given the position that makes it attractive even to cruise ships and pleasure craft traffic. The terrain is characterised by thick woods of chestnuts, beeches, holm oaks and white firs plus olives and vine cultivations, centuries-old torrents and over-hanging coastal cliffs covered by ferns, strawberry trees, myrtles, oleander and cactus pears. Another characteristc is the area of the Tyrrhenian coast, with terraces built on the hills overhanging the sea. 

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