Port and harbour details
Latitude: 35º 21' 2 N
Longitude: 25º 09' 23 E
Port type: Seaport
Port size: Medium (1470839/Year ferry passengers, 215700/Year cruise passengers)
Harbour type: Coastal Breakwater
Harbour size: Large
Harbour opening: from 06:00 to 23:00
Restrictions on arrival/departure time: No
Entrance channel: Orientation: 075 
Width: 300
Draught: 12
Tidal movement/range: 50 cm
Maximum ship dimension per berth
Length: No restrictions
Width: No restrictions
Draught: No restrictions
Quays & Berthing
Ship stay minimum: no limit
Ship stay maximum: no limit
Number of quays: 5
Total length of quays: 200m/147m/311m/290m/250m
Quay depth: 9m/9m/11,5m/12m/10m
Number of passenger terminals: 2
Combined passenger terminals with Ro-Ro or others: No
Pilotage: Available: 24/7 year round
Tugs: Compulsory: First tug boat compulsory
Number of tugs available: 3
Water: Fresh water by hose available upon request
Provisions: Available upon request
Port facility security office contact info:

Contact Person: Emmanouil Tsiplostefanakis
Title: Port Security Officer
Email 1: manos.tsiplos@gmail.com
Email 2: kkampana@portheraklion.gr

Number of Luggage Scanners: 3
Number of Hand Luggage Scanners: 4
Number of Metal Detectors: 5


Services at terminal building
Tourist Information desk (for passengers):      Yes
Information desk (for crew): No
Lounge room: No
Crew room: No
Toilets: Yes
Telephone, Internet and other communication services:           Yes
Post: Yes
Pharmacy: No
Shops - souvenirs: Yes
Bar/Restaurant: Yes
Security X-ray, metal detectors: Yes
Baggae handling: Yes
Baggage storage: Yes
Visible signage: Yes
Wheelchair access:                       Yes
Pedestrian paths: Yes
Shuttle services:      Yes
Taxis: 20 m
Public transport: 40 m
Parking for cruise passengers: Yes
Number of long-stay parking (within 2 km from nearest berth):                     2
Number of short-stay parking places near berths:           2
Shorex buses parking: Yes
City centre: 1,2 km
A pedestrian path to the city is available:                       Yes
Shuttle bus available: Yes
Railway station: No
Airport: 1,5 km
Year Total Pax Total Calls
2018 297.929 187
2017 181.693 131
2016 238.780 165
2015 219.805 170
2014 242.951 160
2013 270.020 177
2012 215.700 156
2011 224.571 209
2010 305.675 247

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