Waste Reception Services

Location of garbage reception facilities at the port

A. At All Berths      

Total quantity of garbage delivered (m3)

2012: 3.058 - 2011: 2.823 - 2010: 4.321

Working hours of garbage reception facilities at the port

A. 24 Hours, 7 Days Per Week


Handling Services

Availability of segregation services at the port

Yes. The contractor undertakes the collection and treatment of waste at his premises. Ships are encouraged to deliver segregated their waste by getting reductions in costs.

Availability of treatment services prior to disposal

Yes. Plastics and Fishing gear is preferred to be recycled if they are not contaminated with other waste that degrade their quality and do not allow their recycling. Cooking Oil is recycled for production of biodiesel. Animal Carcasses are processed biologically for inactivation.

Disposal methods used in the port



A. Landfill


C. Recycling


E. Biological Reprocessing




Charging services
Fee selection scheme applied at the port A. Direct B. Indirect


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