The "St.Paul" port of Kavala entered the cruise market a few years ago and solidly believes in its further growth. For this reason it continuously invests in its future development either by upgrading the existing infrastructure or by enhancing the level of services provided and augmenting the "cruise package". It is also capable of providing a very attractive pricing structure in relation to cruise ships and their passengers.
In the next few months, the following works are also set to start: floor coverings on the Port windward jetty (south), 660-meter long (163+497), having the deepest possible Port draught, is set to support the necessary port infrastructure for the side mooring of large tourist vessels (cruise ships). The forthcoming establishment of the cruise TERMINAL in the area of the former warehouses, at the base of the windward jetty (south), in cooperation with a private investor, the full implementation of the ISPS code, the compliance with the applicable legislation on reception and management of ship-generated waste and cargo residues, as well as the fact that Kavala's main passenger Port "St.Paul" was awarded an "eco ports" certification, all these are major factors to further include Kavala as an attractive cruise tourism destination.
In its effort for the further development of its cruise market share, the port has by its side all local factors involved in the provision of cruise-related services (ship agents, customs authorities, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, tourist guides, traders, hotel owners, etc.) as valuable allies.


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