Palermo is the main gateway for an extraordinary journey through centuries of history and culture: an unforgettable route through cultural and social layers which  characterize  the city of Palermo and all Sicily island. 

Palermo is a safe destination with a full service port and all the amenities of a large city. The Port Authority has planned significant investments in cruise facilities, responding to the transformation demand caused by the increase of the cruise traffic by enhancing the infrastructures and services and by creating new quality area for the passengers. The port of Palermo is currently undergoing several transformation processes such as the revitalization of the new urban waterfront area - with the creation of spaces for mixed port/city use and contemporary architecture will become symbols of the project for the development and quality of the waterfront -  and a new development plan: the improvements in the plan include the strengthening of all the current port activities with special attention to cruise. For the cruise sector the Port Authority has foreseen the total restyling of the current cruise terminal and the building of a second one at Sammuzzo Quay, new cruise shipping facilities, more efficient security measures, longer quays to accommodate larger cruise ships, new car parking around port. The convenient location – only a few minutes away from its city centre and shopping district – combined with deep draft, minimal tidal variation make Palermo and its port an ideal cruise destination.

As you disembark, you can find essential services, tourist information point as well as taxi in tour and city sightseeing service are also available at the facility. Tour buses, taxi and characteristic horse carriage are conveniently located just out the Cruise Terminal. 

Palermo is a world class destination with many fascinating old buildings and historic relics to be explored, in addition to a wide selection of shops, restaurants and theatres. Cruise passengers can also take an excursion into the spectacular hinterland of Sicily, with its dramatic mountains, scenic villages and fine seaside resorts. A quick step off the ship and you immediately feel the liveliness of the city around you. Palermo is a city of art, home of a living nation and of a people whose heritage goes back thousands of years, a history containing many contradictory elements, merged together, but recognizable in every gesture and movement used today. Arriving in Palermo is always an event, no matter where you come from, what mode of transport you use, no matter the season, nor the hour of day or night. It is the feeling of being in the heart of a fascinating and mysterious world, closed between a shining sun and a sparkling sea. Palermo enjoys an exceptionally long cruise ship season: the welcoming climate that lasts throughout the year, makes this a superb tourist spot.

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