Palermo is the main gateway for an extraordinary journey through centuries of history and culture: an unforgettable route through cultural and social layers which  characterize  the city of Palermo and all Sicily island. 

Palermo is a safe destination with a full service port and all the amenities of a large city. The Port Authority has planned significant investments in cruise facilities, responding to the transformation demand caused by the increase of the cruise traffic by enhancing the infrastructures and services and by creating new quality area for the passengers. Please, come and see Palermo and its attractions! Our town is well known for its culture and can offer a fascinating journey into art through its churches, theatres, museum, monuments, historical areas and archaeological sites, heritage of different civilisations. Palermo is also renowned for its shopping area and its restaurants with many local specialities. In addition, the port of Palermo also enjoys the advantage of being the gateway to a rich hinterland, from Monreale to Cefalù. Kissed by sun, embraced by sea waves, surrounded by a unique, unspoiled, natural landscape with Monte Pellegrino, Palermo is a favourite holiday destination for both those in love with its sun and sea and for those seeking a sensually thrilling and cultural holiday.

The area of Termini Imerese presents attracting destinations, such as the Himera archaeological site and the Arabs thermae of Cefalà Diana. Also two port destinations like Trapani and Porto Empedocle are already attracting bigger and smaller cruise companies, due to their territories full of archaeology, arts, landscapes, wine-and-food of quality, but they need to be reorganised and requalified. Around Trapani you can visit the archaeological areas of Segesta and Selinunte and the Phoenician site on small island of Mozia, Trapani’s recovered old centre or Erice’s medieval village. Porto Empedocle is situated at few kilometres from Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, Pirandello’s home, the Turkeys’ stairs beach and the Platani river natural reserve, to mention the most interesting destinations in these areas.


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