Livorno is a Renaissance port town that was founded under the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It has always been at the centre of Mediterranean sea routes and it is the port for all Tuscany. The region’s most famous artistic cities and beaches are just a few kilometres from its cruise terminal. Livorno and the neighbor region are a destination themselves. Livorno is a vibrant city with a rich multicultural and multiethnic population. The inhabitants have a reputation of being welcoming and friendly.

 One thing that must be seen in Livorno is the canals that flow between the 17th century buildings, in the Venezia Nuova District. The District is located between two imposing Medicean Fortresses and reaches the Mediceo port where the famous Quattro Mori statue was erected to celebrate the victory of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany over the Saracen pirates. The centre of the city is a star-shaped polyhedron and is enriched with a number of churches, monuments and villas. The latter were generally built in the 17th and 18th centuries as show-piece homes of wealthy entrepreneurs who traded all over the world. They are decorated with neoclassical features and 19th century urban scenes.

The seafront promenade is of unparalleled beauty, running from the centre of the city to the Romito coastline, along the way visitors and inhabitants can admire the Liberty villas, hippodrome park and swimming establishments. The Terrazza Mascagni, which houses the Aquarium, is the city’s salon where the inhabitants meet to talk and stroll while admiring the wonderful views of the Tuscan islands and nearby Corsica. The suburban villages of Ardenza and Antignano are the gateway to the sanctuary of Montenero, from which the Madonna protects seafarers on the Mediterranean.

Livorno is the birthplace of artists of international renown, such as Pietro Mascagni and Amedeo Modigliani, and expresses this heritage in its museums and cultural events. For three weeks in August the Venezia district bursts into life with the “Effetto Venezia” festival. The streets are filled with music, wharf warehouses become restaurants and the villas become venues for a range of events while the sea plays host to the Palio Marinaro regatta where teams from the city’s different districts compete in oar races that are reminiscent of 17th and 18th century maritime traditions.

Visitors to Livorno never fail to enjoy its cuisine, a rare combination of styles derived from the many peoples who have lived here. The Jewish community has left a strong mark on the town’s dishes; first and foremost of which is "cacciucco" (fish soup) but we mustn’t forget red mullet or baccalà (salted cod) livornese style, ponce (a coffee punch), torta di ceci (a very popular chick pea “pancake”). These are just some of the town’s specialties that reflect its cosmopolitan character and traditions.


Tourist attractions, venues and activities:

Tourist attractions:

City centre

. Very small and close to all the other attractions of Livorno it offers a great variety of streets full of shops.

Venezia district

. It is the old part of Livorno and it is called that way because of its resemblance with the famous city of Venice. In fact, the district is full of canals and little bridges and it is possible to do a boat tour throught them.


. The seafront promenade runs from the centre of the city to the Romito Coastline. Along the way visitors can admire Liberty villas, bathing establishment and the wonderful views of the Tuscan islands and nearby Corsica. The Terrazza Mascagni, which houses the aquarium, it's the perfect place to talk and stroll while enjoyng the stunning view.

Central market

.It is a building inaugurated in 1894 on a drawing by the architect Angelo Badaloni. Situated close to the main street has an outside area and an inside area. In the market you can find and taste all products of italian food but also clothes, accessories and things of all kind.

Sample Shore excursions:

. Art cities of Firenze, Pisa, Lucca, Siena and San Gimignano

. Livorno and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

. Bolgheri and the wine road

. Elba island and the pearls of the Tyrrhenian sea

. Coast of Etruscans from the hilltops to the sea



Tourist Information
Local Population 160,000
Time (GMT+/-): +1
First language:
Second language:  
Banking hours (morning): From 08:15 to 13:30
Banking hours (afternoon): From 14:30 to 16:00
Credit cards: Accepted
Accepts Travellers Cheques: Yes
Shopping hours (morning): From 10:00 to 13:00
Shopping hours (afternoon): From 16:00 to 20:00
Public holidays: 1st January; 6th January; Easter; 25th April; 1st May; Saitnt Giulia (22th May); 2nd June; 15th August; 1st November; 8th December; Christmas (25th-26th December)
Shops are open on Saturdays: Yes
Shops are open on Sundays: Yes
Tourist office details
Name: Ufficio informazioni turistiche Livorno
Contact: TEMP Soc. Cooperativa Pisa
Address: Via Pieroni 18, 57123 Livorno
Tel. No.: +(39) 058 689 423 6
Fax No.:  



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