Waste Reception Services

Location of garbage reception facilities at the port

A. At All Berths      

Total quantity of garbage delivered (m3)

2012: 16570 - 2011: 21700 - 2010: 20630

Working hours of garbage reception facilities at the port

A. 24 Hours, 7 Days Per Week


Handling Services

Availability of segregation services at the port

Yes. Manual selection and iron removal by magnetic separator. Extra food waste sterilization.

Availability of treatment services prior to disposal

Yes. Bilge Water and sludge treatment to recover oily mixtures.

Disposal methods used in the port


Storage areas inside the ports and if available for which type of products

A. Plastics
B. Food Wastes
C. Domestic Wastes
D. Cooking Oil
E. Incinerator Ashes
F. Operational Wastes
G. Cargo Residues
I. Fishing Gear
Storage type: platform for all types of garbage


Charging services
Fee selection scheme applied at the port Compulsory minimum fee. Additional fee per CBM.


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