Port and harbour details
Port type: HARBOUR
Port size:  
Harbour type:  
Harbour size:  
Harbour opening: ALL DAY LONG
Restrictions on arrival/departure time: NO
Entrance channel: Orientation:
Draught: 7.8
Tidal movement/range: >0.5mtr
Maximum ship dimension per berth
Length:  MPCT (M): no limit, Joliette (J4): 210mtr 
Width: no limit
Draught:  M:14.5mtr, J4: 6.8mtr
Air Draught: Quays & Berthing
Ship stay minimum: no limit
Ship stay maximum: no limit
Number of quays:  M: 7 quays, J4: 1 quay
Total length of quays: Cannes:170mtr, Nice: 870mtr
Quay depth:  M:14.5mtr, J4: 7mtr
Number of passenger terminals: 6
Combined passenger terminals with Ro-Ro or others:  
Available:  yes
Anchorage distance from the pier/terminal or tender moored:  
Port in Schengen area: Yes
Clearance time:  
Pilotage: Available: Yes
Compulsory: Yes
Advisable: No
Tugs: Available: Yes
Compulsory: No
Number of tugs available: 2 or 3
Maximum power available:
Assist: Yes
Salvage: Yes
Notice required: Yes
Ship repair: Yes for small ship repair
Banking at pier: Yes
Car valet parking: No
Water: Yes
Provisions: Yes
Fuel oil: Yes
Diesel oil: No
Natural gas/LNG: No
Waste disposal
Garbage: Yes
Toxic/special waste: Yes
Bilge/sludge waters: Yes
Grey/black waters: Yes
Restrictions on washing the ship’s hull: No
Restrictions on painting the ship’s hull: Yes
Restrictions on the use of incinerators: No
Restrictions on the use of the whistle Not at night
Recycling facilities: Yes
Construction projects underway: No
Construction projects financed: No
Construction projects planned: No
ISPS certificate, part A present: Yes
ISPS certificate, part B present: Yes
Port facility security office contact info: Contact Person: stephane.panon@cote-azur.cci.fr
Number of Luggage Scanners: NICE : 2 CANNES : 2
Number of Hand Luggage Scanners: SAME
Number of Metal Detectors: 4
Fences: Yes
Shore Guards upon request: Yes
Year Total Pax Total Calls
2018 1.750.000 511
2017 1.487.313 444
2016 1.597.213 490
2015 1.451.059 442
2014 1.311.284 497
2013 1.188.031 447
2012 890.020 354
2011 810.490 420
2010 700.100 335

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