Make your Mediterranean dream come true callin in Corsica island! 

With 4 different ports in the heart of the Mediterranean, North Corsica Ports provide a global and diversified offer to cruise lines, in one of the most beautiful island in the world.  

Mixing glamour spots and genuine soul, the island of Corsica is famous worldwide. As a matter of fact, most people come to enjoy this "mountain in the sea" where it is easy, in the same day , to hike and go to the beach before dinner in a gourmet restaurant in a small fishing port. 

Corsican gastronomy is renowned because of its delightful and authentic products: wines, cheeses, honey, olive oil, chestnut floor, delicatesse, biscuits, sweets, essential oils... North Corsica is crossed with different thematic roads called "Road of Wines" and "Road of Authentic Senses", where you can discover this real heritage and meet the women and men who build it all year long. 

Far away from overcrowded destinations, North Corsica is the perfect match between nature and culture, sea and mountain, sport and leisure. 

And that's you can find in the 4 cruis eports of North Corsica and that's also the reason why the cruise turism is varied and suitable to all types of clients. Every cruiser can make his Mediterranean dream come true in North Corsica discovering: 

- Bastia, considered to be the cultural capital of Corsica, and its Museum of History, nestled in the ancient Palace of the Genoese Governors, in the citadel which overhangs the old city and ol harbour... 

- Saint Florent, a typical fishing village surrounded by vineyards and heavenly beaches, situated in unique preserved landscapes...

- L'Ile-Rousse, city of the 18th century with a real genuine soul, in the heart of the so-called "Garden of Corsica", overhung by amazing picturesque villages... 

- Where the Legend says Christophe Colombus was born, brings you to the clear waters of the Nature Reserve of Scandola, UNESCO World heritage. 


Tourist Information
Local Population FRENCH
Time (GMT+/-): GMT +02:00 in summer
First language:
Second language:  
Banking hours (morning): 08:30 to 12:00
Banking hours (afternoon): 14:00 to 17:00
Credit cards: ALL
Accepts Travellers Cheques: Depend
Shopping hours (morning): 09:00 to 12:00
Shopping hours (afternoon): 15:00 to 19:00
Public holidays: 1st May - 08th May - 14th July - 15th August
Shops are open on Saturdays: YES
Shops are open on Sundays: NO
Tourist office details
Contact name: CALLONI Josian
Address: Place Saint Nicolas 20200 BASTIA
Tel. No.: 495 542 040
Fax No.: 495 542 041

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