Sozòpol is an ancient seaside town located 30km south of Burgas on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. One of them ajor resorts in the country, it is known for theA pollonia art and film festival (which takesp lace in early September) that is named aftero ne of the town's ancient names. The first settlement on the site dates back tot he Bronze Age. Undersea explorations in ther egion of the port reveal relics of dwellings,c eramic pottery, stone and bone tools from that era. 

The current town was founded in the 7thc entury BC by Greek colonists. The symbol oft he town – the anchor, present on all coins minted by Apollonia since the sixth century BC, is proof of the importance of its maritime trade. The rich town soon became an importantc ultural centre. The ancient icons andm agnificent woodcarving are a remarkablea ccomplishment of the craftsmanship of theset imes. The architecture of the houses in the oldt own from the renaissance period makes it au nique place to visit today. 

South of Burgas is Strandja mountain. On an area of 116,000 hectares is situated StrandjaN ature Park, the largest protected area inB ulgaria. In the park there are 5 naturer eserves, 14 protected areas and many naturall andmarks. There are 54 species of mammalsa nd 261 species of birds in the park. Strandja Nature Park is recognized as one oft he most interesting oases of rare species andh abitats on the Balkan Peninsula and in theE uropean Union. Here are preserved plants pecies from the Tertiary era, when Europe isc overed with glaciers and all the lushv egetation dies. The Nature Park team offersg uides for various walking and eco-routes. 

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