Scandinavian Near East Agent S.A. (SNEAL S.A.)


Over a century SCANDINAVIAN NEAR EAST AGENCY S.A. (SNEAL) provide high quality services, keeping intact in time all those features which highlighted the reputation of an organization, faithful to the vision of its founder Eugene Eugenides.

SCANDINAVIAN NEAR EAST AGENCY, founded in 1907 in Constantinople by Eugene Eugenides but  the Asia Minor catastrophe and the ensuing events, forced him to leave Constantinople and settled in Port of Piraeus.

In 1925 SCANDINAVIAN NEAR EAST AGENCY converted to S.A. company and were becoming one of the biggest agencies in Greece based in Piraeus and Sub-Agencies in every Greek port.

The activities of the Agency founder were continued by the Late Nicos Vernicos-Eugenides whereas now the third generation has taken over in the person of Mr Leonidas Demetriades-Eugenides.



SCANDINAVIAN NEAR EAST AGENCY S.A. (SNEAL) for more than a century, remain an important Shipping Agency offering excellent Port and Shore (by its fully owned subsidiary, STAT HELLAS) services through a highly trained and experienced team which is totally geared to expedite and attend to all matters concerning cruise vessels under any circumstances in all Greek ports.

SNEAL also represent a variety of top-level companies activated in the commercial field.


Organisation Chart

At Scandinavian Near East Agency S.A. we believe that people play a significant role in the company’s continued success. We invest in our human resources and place particular emphasis on the right recruitment and staffing, acknowledging that a working environment characterized by respect, rewarding excellence and contributing to the professional development of employees, is probably the most important investment for the company's future.

The company employs 40 people.‏



SCANDINAVIAN NEAR EAST AGENCY S.A. look forward confidently to the challenge of the new millennium based on experience, reputation and the highly qualified staff whose combination assures the uninterrupted continuation of operations in the intensely competitive climate of today's market and the maintaining of historical bid in any kind of shipping and transport work.

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