Mediterranean Unique Experience


Mediterranean Unique Experience is a travel agency specializing in tours, sightseeing, excursions, leisure and free time activities. The company is based in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain.

Mediterranean Unique Experience staff has over 15 years experience in the tourism sector, so that all the products we offer are always top quality. Our main objective is to satisfy customer expectations.



Our mission is: To always offer unforgettable trips in the Murcia region that meet our customers’ requests and to always exceed their expectations.

We want to provide unique and unforgettable experiences with an excellent level of service with the best quality-price ratio.

We want to satisfy all those who are tired of the usual tourist tours and prefer to experience and visit destinations in a different way without losing originality.

We have put ourselves in our customers ’shoes in order to develop products that meet our customers’ needs and to provide the best possible advice in all

Our main features are; flexibility and personal attention.


Organisation Chart

The organization chart of Mediterranean Unique Experience has 5 departments:
Management of the company.
Booking Department
Financial Department 
Commercial department
HR Department

In addition, Mediterranean Unique Experience team is composed of the best tour guides in the area, with extensive knowledge of history, peculiarities, languages and everything needed to make the visit an unforgettable experience.



Mediterranean Unique Experience is much more than a company that organizes tours and events. We are committed to providing exceptional assistance beyond the market standard which brings us to a whole different level. We have highly qualified staff, training and experience in tourism, graphic designers, digital strategists, guides, translators and more.

Mediterranean Unique Experience changes the way how sightseeing city tours and excursions in the region of Murcia are organized while a new standard is emerging of what is being expected on the southeastern Spanish tourism market, as well as nationally.

Mediterranean Unique Experience is already considered to be one of the largest companies in arranging tours and events in the Murcia region as it enters the southeastern Spanish market, which is not only about providing assistance, but also to develop responsible tourism and preserving the local flavours. 

Our priority is to provide services of high quality because we believe it is important to personally try them and train our staff and guides whatever theme of the tour.

The success of the company is derived from continuous investments in technological innovation and market research to ensure that our clients always receive the most efficient service and favorable conditions for the personal work. Our commercial department informs and deepens themselves constantly in the research of products with a higher value that contribute to spreading the culture of the Murcia region and southeast Spain abroad.

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