Turisme de Barcelona, member of the WTO Board

Turisme de Barcelona, member of the WTO Board - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The consortium furthers its worldwide support as a benchmark city for tourism and will sit on the Board of the United Nations’ agency

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) has reappointed Turisme de Barcelona as a member of the Board of Affiliate Members, re-establishing its position following elections held last July.   As a DMO (destination marketing organisation), Turisme de Barcelona was the most-voted candidate and will be contributing to the agency that specialises in tourism from the Board of Affiliate Members, the only advisory board to the WTO Secretariat. Among the 23 chosen members, are such prestigious organisations as the George Washington University, IATA and Fitur.

The WTO stressed to Turisme de Barcelona the need to work together to “synchronise the strategies of the private sector with the values of the WTO and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”.  The new Board of Affiliate Members will be officially convened at the 23rd General Assembly in Saint Petersburg on 12th September when the members of the Board will elect the chair and deputy chair of the Affiliate Members.

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