Professional Development Course 2019 - Programme - Κεντρική Εικόνα

The programme is as follows:



Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - MedCruise Awards


  • 17:00

MedCruise Awards - Salone di Rappresentanza del Comune di Genova

  • 20:00

Gala Dinner - Terrazza Galata Museo del Mare


Wednesday, 26 June 2019 – PDC


  • 08:00

Meeting for transfer at Genoa Aquarium

  • 08:10

Transfer to Savona (Sala della Sibilla - Fortezza del Priamar)

  • 09:15

Welcome coffee

  • 09:30

Module I: Future of Storytelling; Virtual Reality Paradigm

  • 10:00

Module II: How Virtual Reality could be of added value

  • 11:00

Coffee break

  • 11:15

Module II: How Virtual Reality could be of added value

  • 13:15


  • 14:30

Module III: Practical Skills

  • 16:00

Technical Visit Palacrociere (Costa Crociere Cruise Terminal)

  • 17:30

Transfer to Genoa

  • 20:00

Dinner Restaurante Tre Merli


Thursday, 27 June 2019 - PDC - Port of Genoa - NH Collection Marina


  • 09:00

CETENA presentation

  • 09:30

Virtual reality experience and CETENA simulator

  • 13:00


  • 14:00

Module III: Practical Skills

  • 15:30

Technical Visit

  • 17:30

End of PDC'19


Modules information: 


Module I: Future of Storytelling; Virtual Reality Paradigm: 

The first part of Module I - Future of Storytelling; Virtual Reality Paradigm- will focus on virtual reality notion with its different aspects. The discussion will start from the history of Virtual Reality and its technological development over the equipment. The second part of the talk will be about content creation, theory of experience design, dramatic structures and technic part of software developments. The last part of the talk will be about mimic and character animation. Devrim Erbil paintings/art will be showed to inspire the participants.

Module II: How Virtual Reality could be of added value

WIN+WIN will invite participants to imagine how VR could be of added value to their own industry and business. Participants will put their creativity at play imagining a wide array of scenarios and possibilities where to use VR in the Cruise Industry. Once multiple options have been explored, participants will be split up in teams. Each team will select a preferred scenario to develop. In a playful manner, the participants will prototype their selected VR project employing basic products such as paper, masking tape, as well as photographs, toys and any electronic gadgets they may bring to the session.

Module III: Practical Skills

Module three will focus on helping participants to hone their communication skills through the art of Storytelling.

The goals of this module will be:

  • Providing the participants with a SIMPLE-TO-USE FRAMEWORK to create a narrative that will triggerundivided attention and trust from internal and external customers.
  • Ensuring that participants walk away with PRACTICAL SKILLS that they can immediately put into practice.

CRAFT STORIES about the technological exercise done in the previous module.



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