Figen Ayan

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Figen Ayan

of Professional

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey
Director of Professional Development

It is a sincere pleasure to be able to interact, share, learn, absorb, explore and discover new fields of the cruise industry with all the members and associate members of MedCruise Association.

As a MedCruise Board Member and Port Member, I hold the attitude #PortsTogether more than ever. And MedCruise is a fantastic association, where you have the possibility to understand our niche sector 360degrees; but also know that this association is a safe and secure harbor to face the hardest winds and turmoil.

During this term, I will be at the head of the Professional Development Course task. The time we faced pushed us to
organize these courses online too, but nevertheless it has been a success because this industry has always taught us to learn more from each other and server better the cruise clients and crew visiting our respective ports.

We have been through rough seas before and still keep our good spirit for you.