What to expect from the PDC 2024?

After many years and as per our members’ wishes, we are going on board again and we will deliver the training course on board a cruise ship: MSC Fantasia!

Part of the training cycles started by MedCruise in 2022, this PDC 2024, has been designed as the second part of three courses, this year’s is a three-day training session.

After having been introduced during the PDC 2022 to basic concepts and definitions including alternative fuels, OPS, emissions, GHG, blue economy and circular economy, the training on board will focus on how MSC puts some of the concepts into practice: waste treatment, emissions, circular economy, etc.

Of course, you need not have attended the first part in Istanbul, but it would be a advisable to prepare for your participation in the PDC 2024 by reading the PDC 2022 hand out. In this way, all participants will start with the same level of knowledge!

For three days we will learn, debate, ask questions but also visit a destination in a sustainable way and, of course, we will have the opportunity for networking and having fun as we always do in MedCruise events.